I’ve recently realised the power of social networking.
I was trawling the net when I came across a really cool site called The Directors Notes. I started following them on Twitter and they immediately followed me back. Through my profile they linked to my site and Vimeo Channel with all my short films. They then did a post on my short film Focus on their blog and very soon I got a notification mail saying that Focus had been added to the Vimeo HD Channel.
Since that happened the film exploded online. After having been averaging only a couple hits every day to within a week reaching 60K plays and over 1 Million Total Loads. It’s generated a large amount of great feedback and comments as well as reaching an audience world wide.

I’ve been debating for a while the benefits of launching a film online vs keeping it offline whilst it does a festival run (which normally takes about a year). I have another short film which I haven’t launched yet called My Backyard. It’s currently being submitted to festivals and as a result I’m keeping it offline for the time being. However after this recent ‘blow up’ it’s made me question the traditional way of launching a film seeing that the exposure your film can potentially reach online is unparalleled to an audience it can reach through film festivals.

I recently came across a very interesting article discussing all of the above which if you’re interested should check out over here.

Would also just like to say thanks to everyone again for the great feedback on the film !